Craft Beer Bars

Oktoberfest might be over, however there are still many reasons why to enjoy a pint. Toulouse has a lot of English and Irish pubs, however there are more and more craft beer bars that opened these last years. In this article we would like to highlight craft beer bars in Toulouse where you can buy different sort of beer from all around the globe, as well as small breweries.

Have a pint directly at the brewery

BBT – Brasseur Toulousain (Cornebarrieu)

Great microbrewery with very friendly staff in Cornebarrieu. We’ve been there with colleagues for an after work and we really enjoyed the atmosphere. Great craft beer with an amazing homemade pathé. As my colleague said: “it’s as good as from my mom!” and that means something!

Brasserie Caporal (Purpan)

Caporal is a great brewery in Purpan that has amazing beer and real great prices for afterwork. Where else do you get a pint for only €3? The have a great terrace for afterwork and space to play petanque. A great new discovery!

Le Barboteur (Capitole)

At this microbrewery in the centre of Toulouse they craft their own beer in the basement of the bar, but also sell others.

La Garonnette (Rangueil)

La Garonnette is also a micro-brewery where the owners brew onsite directly. You can either buy the beer directly at the brewery or at one of the many selling points around town.

Where to drink different beer

Bièrographe (Carmes)

Le Bièrographe is a small craft beer bar in Carmes that offers a great selection of different beers from all over the country. The menu changes all the same, they have different craft beers on offer all the time.

Barallel (Daurade)

Don’t come here to drink ordinary normal beer or wine. They have a small brewery in the basement of the bar and brew 5 craft beer there. Don’t expect to find ordinary beer in this bar. However, you will find special brews like Basil Lemon beer or Guyave. If you are not into beer, you will also be able to drink some special organic wine, chosen by the “sommelier”.

Délirium Café (Jean-Jaurès)

The Délirium Café is a great place to try new beer. They have over 100 beers on offer, a great way to try new crafts. It’s not a real pub like the Brits know them, however if you want to have a choice this is a great place.

Rooster & Beer (Saint-Aubin)

Rooster & Beer is a small craft bar in Saint-Aubin, offering over 60 craft and local beers. The also have free boardgames on offer for your to try them out.

The Hopscotch Pub & Brewery (Capitole)

This Scottish pub in the centre of Toulouse is known for its great Whisky selection, but also for its three different craft beers changing every season. If you are more into whisky, they have over 350 sorts.

The Frog & Rosbif (Jean-Jaurès)

This is a known pub in town that is brewing it’s own beer in the pub itself, but also outside of the pub. You like it or not, however the pub has a special atmosphere with the beer barrels in the pub.

Other pubs

You can find further pubs and bars to have a great pint of beer in our previous blog post here.

Where to buy craft beer

La Houblonnière (Saint-Cyprien)

La Houblonnière is a small shop in Saint-Cyprien, not only selling different beers, but also inviting to enjoy one there. When you drive past it, there is always a small crowd, even late in the evening, to enjoy some new beers.

La voie maltée (Capitole)

Just next to Capitole, this beer shop is open from 14h00 to 22h00. Every month they have some special beers on offer for you to try new ones every month.

V&B (six different locations)

V&B is a wine and beer shop where you can find a great selection of different type of beer. It is also very popular for after works, however they are only open until 21h00 (Thursday and Friday until 22h00).

You will find six V&Bs in and around Toulouse: Colomiers, Purpan, Portet, Labège, Balma and Compans – Caffarelli and they keep popping up everywhere.

Toulouse Beer Fest

The Beer Fest is now happening for the third time at the Boulodrome in Minimes. This Beer Fest gathers all different craft beer makers from the region and offers a great opportunity to try new beer out. Last year, we tried a new one tasting like Cassoulet or Bretzel (we didn’t say that you will enjoy it). The next one will happen on 10th November. All info here.

Have a great time trying new beer out. But be careful not to abuse on the alcohol.



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