Hikes in the Pyrenees – Boucle du Pic des Trois Seigneurs 

The Pyrenees are not only great for skiing, but also great for hiking. Especially autumn is a great season, as it isn’t too hot and you can still enjoy some refreshing days in the mountains. Today we would like to present you the Boucle du Pic des Trois Seigneurs, a great hike which is not too far from Toulouse.

This is a great hike for a day in the mountains with a lake to swim in, so perfect for the still warm autumn days. When we went there, it was really hot and we were really relieved to have the lake at the top to go for a nice and cool swim. The scenery is amazing. You can either only go there for a hike up the lake and do a picnic or you do the full round which is a bit more challenging, but which offers also a much nicer view.

Some facts to start with

    • Duration: 5h00
    • Distance : 10.2km
    • Elevation : 807m (a very good workout for your calfs)
    • Highest point : 2167m
    • Lowest point : 1397m
    • Starting point: N 42.806441° / E 1.411489° – Parking de Port de Lers (130km) 

Overview of the hiking track

Park at the Parking de Port de Lers. Follow the road towards Vicdessos (East) until the third bend. Turn left on the path that starts with a slight difference in altitude and join the small Pont de Ganioule.

Turn left just after the bridge up to the Etang d’Arbu (the small lake on the way up). You can stop here and just enjoy the clear water of the mountain lake.

Resume the ascent with possible blocks of frozen snow in winter (so good shoes are recommended). Cross some really steep passages (small easy climbing passages – level 1) and end at a junction near the ridge.

Turn right to continue the ascent (steep with sometimes frozen snow patches even in spring) to the Pic des Trois Seigneurs. Enjoy the view and turn back to the previous junction.

Leave the path of the climb to the left and follow the ridge, which then offers you a magnificent spectacle thanks to its striking beauty and restful calm. Reach the Pic de Barrès.

Continue on the ridge to a small pass, ideal place to recover or enjoy the landscape. Continue to reach the Pic de Fontanette. Once at the peak, start the descent, initially gentle, then really steep until the small parking lot of the Port of Lers.

Find all information again in French here.

Some impressions before your hike

Have fun hiking up to the three Pics and enjoy the swim in the mountain like, 


2 thoughts on “Hikes in the Pyrenees – Boucle du Pic des Trois Seigneurs 

  1. Hi! I really like your blog 🙂 I moved to Toulouse one year ago and I don’t have a car… I would love some recommendations on hikes or trips that are possible with no driving! Cheers! Anne


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