A day trip to Revel & Saint-Férreol Lake

Summer is not over yet and there is still time to go for a nice day trip not far from Toulouse while enjoying the last warm summer days. I am a big fan of Lac Saint-Férreol, as you can read in our blog post here, as it’s for me the greenest lake where you can actually find calm spots to enjoy a quiet afternoon.

Why not going for a nice hike up to Dourgne and followed by a nice refreshing swim in the lake or why not enjoying the Saturday market in Revel, followed by a nice swim?

Here is an overview of the distances from Toulouse:

Lac Saint-Férreol

This lake is not far from the “Montagne Noire” and it has been constructed as the main water reservoir for the Canal du Midi.

Nowadays the lake is a great spot for a summer swim or to enjoy some water sports like stand up paddling, kayaking or wind surfing (if there is enough wind).

On the one side (where all the restaurants and sport centres are) it’s a bit busier and very sunny. If you walk to the other side of the lake, you will find quieter spots under the lovely trees where you can enjoy some shade.

Tip: You can also reach the lake with the bus from the Toulouse coach station, even on weekends. Find the timetable here.


The bastide town of Revel is a really nice little town on the way to the Lac Saint-Férreol. There is not much to see, but the historical medieval market is very impressive. Every Saturday, Revel hosts one of the hundred nicest markets in France. It is a real nice experience in a very impressive beautiful place, the main square of Revel.

Saint-Félix Lauragais

This is a real surprise. I drove through the village and loved the main square so much with its little café, that we stopped there for a drink. A real nice atmosphere in a small village with not many people. Take a stroll around the little village to the castle where you can find the tourist information. The view is stunning from their terrasse.

For a real French experience, join the weekly market on Friday from 9-13h under the central bell tower. More information on the village here.

Hiking in Dourgne with a great view over the country

There are several hikes in the area of different distances which are great to discover the region and enjoy a great view over the region.

The longest is the hike up to La Chapelle la Capelette and the other three saints. On this hike of 13,7km in approx. 4h, you will walk along along the mountain and overlook the lauragais country. If you are lucky, you will even see some paragliders flying off the hill.

You can find all of the other smaller hikes on the visorando website or app.

Paragliding in Dourgne – open day on 14th September

If you want to try paragliding, here is your chance. The paragliding club of Dourgne is organising a “Paragliding Day (Journée du Parapente)” on Saturday, 14th September with first flights, demonstrations and club members to give you more information on the activity. All information here.

More information about the Lauragais Country

If you want more information on the beautiful Lauragais Country, have a look at the official website here. There are more beautiful spots to discover in this region.

Enjoy the rest of the summer,

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