A week in the North of Sardinia

In under 1.5h from Toulouse you can reach Olbia in the East of Sardinia. It’s a great stop if you like to visit the North of the island. Sardinia is a great destnation for water sports, hiking and rock climbing.

Don’t underestimate the size of Sardinia. You will not be able to drive from the North to the South in one day and come back in the evening. So either you make the most of the places around you or you need to do a roundtrip to enjoy the full island.

L’Arcipelago di la Maddalena – a day on the boat

The island group in the North is absolutely stunning and it is definitly one of the highlights of this holiday. Take a boat for a day and discover the different small islands like Bonelli, Spagi, and many more. This tour is really famous and many big boats will take tourists there. Try to catch a small tour or hire a boat with a skipper, as you will enjoy the trip much better.

Unfortunately we cannot share the details of our boat trip with you as it was organised privately, however I can highly recommend not to take the big boats you find everywhere in Palau as you will not enjoy the islands the same way.

Spiaggia rosa – the pink beach

We had the chance to swim to the island with our skipper and had a walk to the pink beach (not on the beach as it is completely forbidden, but we were able to walk around it). Very crowded some decades ago with tourists that took the famous pink sand home (which is actually only pink being on that beach), the beach now has two guardians that live on the island the whole year in a very simple house overlooking the beach. The are absolutely amazing and share their stories about the beach and the famous animals that turn the sand pink. The beach is definitely a must see as you feel like being in the Caribbean.

Tip: Don’t forget to take a lot of sunscreen, a hat and snorkelling gear with you. We were able to see nacre (you are not allowed to take them with you) and all sorts of different fish.

Porto Pollo -the surfer paradise

Come here for the sunset and enjoy an aperitivo observing the handsome surfers. You can of course also take windsurfing classes yourself or go out on the sea with a SUP. We made a stop there after our day on the boat. The first beach bar on the left offers free food and snacks with the aperitivo and has a great view on the sea.

Capo Testa – the most turquoise water

The point in Sardinia with the closest distance to Corsica. On a clear day you can easily see Bonifacio on the other side. Ferries go there four times a day if you want to take a trip to Corsica.

Capo Testa is a great place for swimming and snorkelling. You can go on a walk around the cap and enjoy a great swim after. We went down on the rocks and had easy access to the sea. Take your snorkelling gear and enjoy the turquoise water along the coast. The scenery is absolutely stunning with huge rocks overlooking the sea. If you like rock jumping, you will definitely find great spots here.

Tip: you will find a lounge bar on top of the hill with live DJs and delicious cocktails. For €10 they serve an amazing mojito along with crisps. It’s worth every penny – you will love he view and the atmosphere!

La Grotta di Nettuno – an impressive cave

This cave is one of the most stunning I have seen in my life. You walk down the 650 steps from Capo Caccia and arrive downstairs in the cave. You will of course not be alone as many people will come from Alghero on a boat, however the cave is really big and impressive. Entrance is €13 and you pay once down at the cave.
Tip: Take the stairs down and don’t take the boat from Alghero, as the view is absolutely stunning all the way down.

Small hidden beach: once driving down from Capo Caccia, stop at the little beach Cala Dragunara for a refresh. You will need it after walking up the  650 steps. There is a kiosk there to buy some drinks.

Alghero –  a stroll around the bastion

Alghero is a pretty little town with a nice old town, also called the capital of the Coral Riviera. You can walk around the walkway along the port’s bastion and take a stroll around the small streets of the old town. If you want to enjoy a drink at the beach or go for a swim, there are many beaches along the way up North. You can also take a boat from here to the Grotta di Nettuno if you do not want to take the car to get there. 

Stintino – perfect spot for snorkelling

Stintino is a great place for snorkelling. The scenery is amazing and the water is crystal clear. We went snorkelling at the very end where the castle is and discovered the area around there. 

Tip: come early in the morning as it can get quite crowded. You can park along the street or on the big car park on top (€1 per hour). 

Castelsardo – for a romantic evening

Castelsardo is a medieval village perched high above the Mediterranean sea that invites tourists to take a stroll around the medieval little streets. You can find many little restaurants and bars around the many streets. We had dinner at the top of the village with a great view on the coast. 

Porto Rotondo – a last Italian evening

We spent a nice evening in this harbour town. You can observe a lot of boats coming in the harbour in the evening. We stayed here on our last night before flying out from Olbia and enjoyed the real Italian feeling one last time. Nice little restaurants are all along the harbour to enjoy a last plate of pasta or pizza. 

Getting to Northern Sardinia from Toulouse

By flight

During summer, you have direct flights from Toulouse to Olbia with Easyjet. However, as they only run until end of August, it is more difficult off-season. Once arrived, you will need to hire a car, as you will not be able to discover all these nice places without.

You can however take a flight from Toulouse to Figari Southern Corsica with Volotea (they fly every Saturday and Sunday), hire a car in Figari and take the ferry from Bonifacio to Santa Theresa.

By ferry

If you prefer to take your own car to Sardinia, you can catch a ferry from Marseille or Toulon to Porto Torres in the North-West. 

Toulon to Porto Torres with Corsica Ferries.

Marseilles to Porto Torres with La Méridionale. 

Have a great week in the North of Sardinia. We haven’t given you any tips for restaurants, as Sardinia and whole Italy is known for its amazing pizzas, pasta, gelato and much more. Enjoy your holidays!  


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