Easter activities

Happy Easter (2)

Easter activities in Toulouse

Treasure hunt Place du Capitole and Saint-Sernin

Citizenkid is organising a treasure hunt on 21 and 22 April around Place du Capitole in central Toulouse. Spaces are limited, so you better book your space now!

Egg hunt Tous au Paquodrôme

This egg hunt takes place at the Hippodrome (race-track) on Tuesday, 23 April from 17h (1 chemin des courses – 31100 Toulouse). Kids will be happy to look for more than 22,000 chocolates around the whole race-track.

Easter activities not far from Toulouse

Easter fun in Colomiers

For the 11th time, the city of Colomiers organises Easter activities in the Parc Duroch for kids to win Easter chocolates. Painting competitions, inflatables and much more will be waiting for you from 9h.

Egg and chocoloate hunt in the labyrinth of Château de Merville (31)

One of the biggest Easter hunts in the country with over 60,000 chocolates to be found in the 6km long alleys of the Labyrinth. Open on Easter Sunday and Monday (no reservation necessary) from 10h-18h30.
Entrance: 8,50€ per adult,  6,50€ for kids from 4-18 years old

Egg hunt in the Jardins du Cap d’Arbon (31)

On 21 and 22 April, vier big egg hunts are organised per day (from 10h to 16h15) in the huge gardens of Cap d’Arbon.

Entrance: 6€, you need to book in advance

Egg hunt at Château de Bergues in Odars (31)

From Saturday 20 April to Monday 22 April, kids can go on a egg hunt around the huge garden of the château. The Château also has a farm where kids can discover the different farm animals.
Reservations not necessary, but recommended sending a SMS to 06 83 48 56 18 with the time, day and number of adults/kids.

Egg hunt timetable:
Saturday afternoon: 14h-16h (egg hunt at 15h), 16h-18h (egg hunt at 17h)
Sunday: 10h-12h (egg hunt at 11h), 14h-16h (egg hunt at 15h), 16h-18h (egg hunt at 17h)
Monday: 10h-12h (egg hunt at 11h), 14h-16h (egg hunt at 15h), 16h-18h (egg hunt at 17h)

Entrance: 8€ for kids, 6€ for adults

Egg hunt at tepacap (31)

tepacap, the tree climbing “accrobranche” park is open every day from  10h à 18h. Ask for the Easter quiz at the entrance.

Entrance: different type of tickets depending on the age, check the website for further information.

Chocolate hunt at Gouffre de Padirac (46)

On Sunday 21 April, at  103m under the earth, chocolate chickens can be hunted by kids from 4-12. Families can discover the Gouffre de Padirac with their little one’s and hunt for chocolates solving several enigmas.

Entrance: egg hunt included in the normal entrance ticket (14,50€ per adult, 10€ per child from 4-12 years old). Reservation recommended on their website.

Chocolate hunt at Jardins des Martels (81)

On Monday, 22 April from 13h adults and kids can go for a big chocolate hunt of 13,000 chocolates in the huge gardens.

Entrance: 9,50€ per adult, 6,50€ per teenager from 11-17 years old, 5,50€ per kid from 4-10 years old, free for kids under 4.

Goose egg hunt in the medivial city of Sarlat (24) 

The egg hunt will take place on Easter Monday from 10h. Registrations start at 9h30 in the centre of Sarlat. Kids have to find eggs in five different colours and can exchange them with a pack of chocolates after. A great way to discover Sarlat with your family.

Entrance: free with a hot chocolate to every kid at registration.

All other egg hunts in the Dordogne region can be found here

Tip: if you want to visit Sarlat and the surroundings, please find more information in our former blog article about Sarlat

Easter activities in covered playgrounds

Egg hunt at AnimaParc (31)

On 13 -14 April and 20-28 April 2019, AnimaParc organises two special series of egg hunt. The first one under the theme of Easter egg hunt, the second one dinosaur eggs.

Entrance: normal park entrance of  15€ per adult and kid from 4-14, 14€ for 2-3 year olds and free under 2.

Egg hunt at Gulli Parc Saint-Orens (31)

On Sunday, 21 April, Gulli Parc opens its doors for a special Easter day. Take your kids to a day out in an indoor playground (we never know if the weather will be great or not).

Entrance: from 6,50€ to 12€

Have a great Easter weekend and Easter holiday and enjoy your time with friends and family,

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