Sport events in or close to Toulouse

Running competitions Toulouse

Are you a sporty person and do you like to compete either seriously or in a fun way? Do you like joining running competitions for charity? We have put together some special run and swimming competitions for you over the year easily accessible from Toulouse. Have a great sporty year 2019!

Serious competitions

Marathon de Toulouse

Toulouse Marathon is a great classic and a good way to run around the streets of Toulouse without being disturbed by cars. The 2019 edition will take place on 20th October 2019 and has different options.

  • Marathon
  • Half-marathon
  • 10km
  • Relay (4 runners): not all four distances are the same. The first runners does e.g. 10.9km, the second 7.25km, the third 10,85km and the fourth 12,3km (can defer in 2019). This allows you and your friends to participate disregarding the different levels.

Toulouse Marathon is a great event and the atmosphere is fantastic! The 10km started at 8am last year and that was definitely too early, as it was still dark and foggy. However, it is great to run through Toulouse motivated by a crowd of people.

La Corrida

On 5th July 2019, you can join La Corrida, a race of 3 or 10km through the centre of Toulouse. As it will be quite hot, they only start at 21h for the 10km. La Corrida is normally quite fun, as there are bands all along the way and some animation. Join the fun warm-up session with music and personal trainers.

Toulouse Half-Marathon (Semi-Marathon de Toulouse)

Toulouse Half-Marathon is an annual event happening for over 20 year. This year the run will take place on 15th September 2019. The official registrations are not open yet, but should be soon.

Occitaman (Triathlon de Toulouse)

During two days (14-15th September 2019), you can participate in different types of triathlon. The real one with 3,8km swimming, 174km cycling and 42km running or smaller one’s. Most of them seem to be already fully booked, however some smaller one’s still seem to be open for registration. The competition takes place at la Ramée, so not far from Toulouse.

Open Swim Stars


For the third time Open Swim Stars come back to Toulouse. This year on 8th September. Go for a swim of 1km to 5km in the centre of Toulouse in the Garonne. A great swimming competition in the centre of the city.

Fun competitions

Ronde des Foies Gras in Mauvezin (Gers)

La Ronde des Foies Gras is a fun competition in the Gers. You will two starting in the race together, one with a mountain bike, the other one running. You can change as many times that you like, you just need to finish together.

On your way, you will stop at 7 foie gras farms where people wait for you with little toasts with foie gras and water/water with honey. There are live bands playing at some stops. Normally people are dressed up as well, which makes the competition really fun.

Once arrived at the end in Mauvezin, a big meal is waiting for you and a live band will play during the whole time. It’s a big feast and party in the village and really great fun to do. Only one condition, it would be better if you like foie gras. Not being a fan myself, you can obviously not enjoy it as much as the others.

Registration: Normally end of June. Check the website, as the 2019 date is not yet out. And sign up fast, as entries are limited.

Color Me Rad

On 6th October, get ready for a fun run with 4 hours of festival afterwards (at la Ramée). It’s an easy 5km run during which you will get colours thrown at you every 5km. After the run, DJs will be playing music for you to party and get even more colourful.

La Ruée des Fadas (Cornebarrieu)

This is a fun obstacle run close to Toulouse. This 8km run at the Domaine de Pontié is a fun race through the forest, plain, lake and much more. 5000 participants can compete this year on 30th June.

Marathon des châteaux du Médoc (Gironde)

The Marathon du Médoc is a legendary competition. Each year the competition has a different theme, in 2019 it will be “the superheroes!”. It’s a marathon where you run from one “château” to another and you have to be dressed-up. It’s a huge fun competition in a fantastic scenery. Check out the video they put up on the website.

The race is happening on 7th September 2019. Unfortunately, registrations are already closed, but you can put yourself on the waiting list or at least remember for next year.

Competitions for a good cause

Odyssea (Toulouse)

Odyssea Toulouse 2019.jpg

Odyssea is a competition or fun run that collects money against breast cancer. You can either walk 1km or 5km or run 5km or 10km. All money goes to an association. This year’s edition will happen on 14th April and start at the Prairie des Filtres.

La Toulousaine

logo-La-Toulousaine-e1427274492175This competition is an easy one of 4 or 8km and happens at la Ramée. This year’s date is not out yet, however it usually takes place in September. The win goes to an association for children in need.


Have a great time running, biking or swimming over the year. Good luck to everyone competing in one of the competions. Let us know how it went,


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