Asian restaurants

I love Asian food a lot, but it is not that easy to find authentic restaurants in town. Here you find the places I like going to when I crave good Asian food.


Monsieur Cyclofood

Cyclofood.pngA small restaurant located close to Compans Caffarelli. They offer franco-vietnamese sandwiches, bun of the day as well as a fried dish. Everything is fresh and very tasty!

6, rue de Salenques
Monday to Friday: 11h30 – 14h30 and Saturday: 12h00 – 14h30

Pho Maï

pho mai

This restaurant is located next to Paris Store, the big Asian super market located close to the university Jean Jaurès in Mirail. It is open every day (even on Sunday) and offers a variety of dishes. Very delicious!

2 bis impasse André Marestan



Shin Ya Ramen

shin ya.png

Shin Ya Ramen is well known in Toulouse. The restaurant is very small and you usually have to queue for quite a while before getting one of the precious seats in the tiny restaurant. The food there is very delicious and you get one of the best ramen in whole Toulouse.

98 Grande Rue Saint-Michel, Toulouse
Tuesday – Thursday: 12h00 – 14h30 // Friday – Saturday: 12h00 – 14h00 and 19h00 – 21h00



Fufu is a Japanes noodle bar not far from the Capitole. Noodles are freshly prepared in the restaurant.

32 Rue Saint-Ursule, Toulouse
Open every day for lunch and dinner from 11h30 until 15h (up until 16h on the weekend) and from 18h30 in the evening until 22h30 (23h on the weekend)


Very authentic Japanese restaurant. They have the famous Okonomiyaki on the menu and it is very tasty. Also, their sesame cheesecake is amazing.

6bis impasse Baour Lormian, Toulouse
Tuesday: 12h00 – 15h00
Wednesday – Saturday: 12h00 – 18h00 & 19h00 – 22h00


Solaneko is a small Japanese canteen and salon de thé located in Saint Cyprien. They serve one dish every day for lunch, you can choose between fish or meat. Most of the products their use are organic and they focus on seasonal ingredients. They also have a wide selection of teas and some Japanese pastries like matcha cake.

9 rue Réclusane 31300 Toulouse
Tuesday to Sunday: 11h00 – 19h00


Le P’tit Louis

I recently discovered this restaurant located in Saint Cyprien and it is my absolute favorite. Their dishes are authentic and super delicious. I am addicted to their Bibimbap!

32 Rue de la République, Toulouse
Monday to Friday: 12h00 – 15h00


Lee In

Lee In was suggested to me by a Korean friend. It is located close to the University Jean Jaurès and best reachable by car. I was there for lunch. For the main course they had four different options. I really liked that you could also choose the tasting menu, meaning that you can take three main courses in smaller portions.

2Ter Allée du Dr Lejzer Ludwik Zamenhof, Toulouse
Monday to Saturday 12h00–14h00, 19h30–21h30


Long Quan

Copy of Cyclofood.pngIf you are looking for very authentic Chinese food this is the place. I love their noodles.

42 Rue Peyrolières, Toulouse
Tuesday to Saturday 12h00–14h30 | 19h00–22h00



Cyclofood.pngThis restaurant is located close to the metro station Palais de Justice. From outside it does not look like much, but the food is very fresh and tastes very good. They also offer a lunch menu for around 10€ with entrée & plat.

1 Place Lafourcade, Toulouse
Monday to Sunday (Wednesday closed) 12h00–14h30 | 19h00–22h00

Seng Kuon

This restaurant is located close to the metro station Patte d’oie. They have quiet a long menu, which I usually don’t like, but everything we ordered was fresh and tasted very good. You can even pre-order peking duck!

67 avenue Etienne Billieres, Toulouse 




Copy of shin ya.pngSantosha offers a mix of Thai and Indonese dishes. I have been there once so far and really liked it. You can also order via Uber Eats.

10 Rue des Filatiers, Toulouse

Monday to Sunday 12h-15h | 19h30-23h00


Do you know any other good Asian restaurants in Toulouse? Let me know! 

Bon appétit,


4 thoughts on “Asian restaurants

  1. You should also try O’Bali, a small but delicious Indonesian restaurant located 31 rue Denfert-Rochereau.


  2. My favorite Chinese restaurant is Hello Ravioli, by Compans Caffarelli. They made homemade Chinese dumplings that are always fresh and so, so delicious. The 3-course lunch menu for 13-14€ is a particularly good deal.


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