Weekend Trip Millau+ Roquefort


Millau is about 2h30 from Toulouse, so a great trip for a weekend. If you are looking for an idea to combine nature, sports, architecture and French history, then this is a great trip to take.

Millau Viaduct

“Le Viaduc de Millau” still holds the world record for the tallest bridge, culminating at 343 metres (higher than the Eiffel tower) and 2460 metres long.

Take a good look at the Viaduct

Via the “Aire du Viaduc” (visitor centre)

Visit the perfect spot to have a great view on the whole Viaduct at the motorway stop “aire du Viaduc”. It is a great way to see the full length of the bridge and they also have a visitor centre there for you to get the whole history about the construction of this impressive bridge. The access is free. If you prefer to drive over it, be careful as you need to pay a toll.

How to get there:

– by taking the A75 motorway exit n° 45 “aire du Viaduc”
– via the D911 and follow “aire du Viaduc”

Via the village Peyre

The village is listed as “plus beau village de France” (most beautiful village of France) and offers a great view from far onto the Viaduct. The village is quite impressive for it’s style of construction and location. Have a stroll around the village and enjoy the great view on the river Tarn and the Viaduct.

Other view points

All other view points are listed on the official website.

Visit the famous Millau Viaduct differently

By kayak

Another way to visit the Viaduct and for me the most impressive is to be underneath it. You can for example nicely access to bridge on the river Tarn by Kayak. We rented a Kayak at the time (it is not the most difficult and exciting trip on a Kayak, but the views on the bridge are stunning). We rented our kayaks with evolution millau 2, but there are of course different other companies.

By foot (hiking)

One of the best ways to discover this bridge is to go on a walking tour underneath and around it. You can find here a nice 10km walk that will bring you closer to the bridge.

By mountain bike (VTT)

If you are more into mountain biking, this region is the perfect place. There are different routes that offer you a great view on the viaduc. Here is for example one of 27km.

By paragliding

A great way to see the full exposure of the bridge is to go paragliding. Millau Evasion Parapente offers great tandem flights to enjoy the views over this beautiful regions.

All the different sport options are nicely summarised on this website.

Roquefort – it’s all about cheese

On your way back from Millau, you can easily stop in Roquefort and visit the famous cheese factories and cellars.

The caves are really impressive, as they go very deep down the earth. The caves have been naturally shaped and are shaped as an underground labyrinth. You will find thousands of Roquefort cheese lying underground to mature in these natural caves.

There are 6 official certified Roquefort producers. You can book visits with all of them. We just walked into one of them and they booked us on the next tour.

Tip: Take some delicious cheese home for you to enjoy once arrived in Toulouse. 

Have a great weekend trip to this beautiful region and have a lot of fun discovering the French culture and architecture differently. 


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