Great independent shops in Toulouse

When you walk through the small streets in the city centre you see a lot of little, independent shops. Christmas is coming up in a few weeks and decorations are currently been installed around town. Whether you want to go for a day of shopping with your friends or family, or whether you are looking for Christmas gifts, here is our selection of great independant shops in the city.

Clothes & Accessories

Boutique Pétronille

Pétronille is a cute little boutique on Place Saint-Georges. You will find here a lot of pretty dresses, skirts, accessories. Take your time to wonder around this little shop.

Monday 14h-19h / Tuesday to Saturday 10h30 – 19h
2, rue Paul Vidal, Toulouse

Alexane Avril

This shop has great leather bags that you can personalise in your own colours and type of leather. I bought a big handbag in gold and black leather with a flowery inside. It looks great and its finest Italian leather. If you would like a leather handbag that not everyone has, then get yourself one done here. Prices are totally reasonable for a real leather bag.

Tuesday to Saturday 11h–13h30, 14h30–18h
8 bis rue Sainte-Ursule, Toulouse



This little shop just behind Galleries Lafayette offers jewellery from different small designers from around €20. If you are looking for a small gift, then you can find here nice earrings, rings or necklaces.

Monday 14h-19h, Tuesday to Saturday 10h-14h, 15h-19h
11 Rue du Lieutenant Colonel Pélissier, Toulouse


cocotte is a great classic on Rue Saint-Antoine du T, walking down from Place Wilson to Place Saint-George on your left. The shop has a great decoration in itself and is really inviting to have a look around.

Monday 14h-19h, Tuesday to Saturday 10h40–14h, 14h20–19h
6 Rue Saint-Antoine du T, Toulouse


Imgagine is already inviting, only by looking at the display. They offer jewellery, but also some nice clothes.

Monday to Wednesday 10h–13h, 14h–19h, Thursday to Saturday 10h-19h
40 Rue de la Pomme, Toulouse


Feeling has really great jewellery in a really great quality. You find the shop when walking down from Place du Capitole to Daurade.

Tuesday to Saturday 11h to 19h
8 rue Gambetta, Toulouse

Mademoiselle Nuage

What a cute little shop in a cute little street. Come by and discover it for yourself. You will feel comfortable from the first second because of the great decoration.

Tuesday to Saturday 11h-13h30, 14h30-19h
11 rue Peyrolières, Toulouse

Home & Interior

La Maison de Malaure

One of my favourite decoration shops. They display everything in such a lovely way, that you would like to refurbish your house straight away. They have some furniture, but most of the things are decoration, like candles, mirrors, kitchen supplies, etc.
Have a look through this shop especially before Christmas, as the decoration is just amazing.

Monday to Saturday 10h-19h
37 Rue de Metz, Toulouse


Slowconcept is a small shop in the centre that offers decoration, jewellery and accessories from mostly “upcycled” products. The have really nice design things and paper decoration that will look great in your flat.

Tuesday to Saturday 10h30-13h30 & 14h10-19h
10 rue Sainte-Ursule, Toulouse

La paranthèse

This little shop only sells products from local designers. They sell candles, jewellery, decoration, soap, gifts for babies, handbags and much more. If you would like to buy local, then this shop is made for you. You can buy great Christmas gifts for your friends here.

Tuesday to Saturday 11h-19h
50 rue Pargaminières, Toulouse

L’Appartement de Pénélope

This shop in the centre of Toulouse, close to the Bobine Concept store, has great quality home interior things. If you are looking for a nice picture frame, mirror, candles or table clothes, this shop is definitely worth having a look around.

Monday 14h-19h, Tuesday to Saturday 11h-19h
19 Rue du Fourbastard, 31000 Toulouse

A little bit of everything (Concept stores)

Carpe Diem

This little shop in Rue d’Astorg offers great things for decoration, such as plant pots, cups, bowls and also some clothes like colourful dresses.

Tip: for those of you who love the brand Raeder, as much as we do, they have different things from the brand on offer. 

Tuesday to Saturday 10h30–19h
18 Rue d’Astorg, Toulouse

Bobine Concept Store

Bobine is a great concept store that exists for some years now. Just of Rue Alsace-Lorraine, you can find here some clothes, jewellery, decoration, but also great little gifts for birthdays or Christmas.

Monday 14h–19h, Tuesday to Saturday 10h30-19h
17 Rue de la Pomme, Toulouse

Zinc & Toiles

Zinc & Toiles is a nice shop in the Saint-Etienne area. They have clothes, jewellery and interior design pieces and it’s great to find a little gift for a friend.

Monday 14h00 – 19h00 / Tuesday to Saturday 10h30 – 13h00 &14h00 – 19h00
16 Rue Fermat, Toulouse

Haut les mains

Haut les mains opened recently and combines different designers: jewellery, clothes, decoration, cosmetics, kids clothes and much more. They regularly change the designers selling in this shop.

Monday to Saturday 14h–19h
8 Rue Jules Chalande, Toulouse

Atypique Concept Store

This little shop has a mix of different things: clothes, jewellery, kitchen products, lamps, little furniture, textiles and much more.

Monday 14h – 19h / Tuesday to Saturday 10h – 12h & 14h – 19h
11, rue Croix-Baragnon, Toulouse

Kaqoty & les Squaws

In the same street than slowconcept and Alexane Avril, Kaqoty & les Squaws is a great place to find a little gift. They have presents for kids, decoration, jewellery and much more.

Tuesday to Saturday 11h to 19h
24 Rue Sainte-Ursule, Toulouse

Clothes & Gift from Toulouse

From Toulouse with love

This is a great shop that offers gifts from Toulouse or if you like to wear some clothes reminding you of your new home, you can buy one of the many t-shirts: “Toulouse Capitole de la France”, “la vie est belle – Toulouse”.

Monday to Saturday 10h00 – 19h00
Centre commercial Saint-Georges , 18 rue Paul Vidal, Toulouse

Pompon sur la Garonne

This shop is great to find gifts for people knowing Toulouse, as they play a lot with special words used in Toulouse like “Chocolatine”, the different names of the areas like “Carmes”, “Saint-Aubin”, etc.

Monday to Saturday 10h00–19h00
17 Rue des Puits Clos, Toulouse

Personalised gifts

Vous Boutique

Vous boutique is a boutique in the centre of Toulouse that offers great personalised gifts for all occasions. From cups, to pillows, agendas, to wedding and baby gifts. You can get your personalised gifts in just one jour or you order online and pick it up.

Tuesday to Saturday 10h30-19h00
8 rue Temponières, Toulouse

What are your favorite shops in the city? Let us know!

Have fun shopping, 


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